Sabah’s Sustainable Farm-To-Table Gastronomy

As the sun begins to rise over the lush landscapes of Sabah, a vibrant farm-to-table movement takes root. Restaurants in this gastronomic destination embrace the bounty of the land and sea, building links between farmers and food lovers.

Farm-to-table restaurants in Sabah provide patrons with more than simply a meal.

They paint a tale about the state’s agricultural landscape and bring the flavour of the land directly to the dining room. By supporting and visiting these establishments, people embark on a journey of flavours and sustainability.

Farm-to-table dining is on the rise in Sabah. It has an air of exclusivity about it because there are so few farm-to-table restaurants.

Supporting these restaurants means enjoying the freshest ingredients, the most brilliant flavours, and the understanding that one is helping to preserve Sabah’s natural heritage.

Here are five places where you can try farm-fresh food while also witnessing the enthusiasm and dedication of local farmers first-hand.

1. Signal Hill Eco Farm, Kota Kinabalu

If you are in search of a restaurant that offers both freshness and delectable cuisine, Signal Hill Restaurant is an absolute must-visit. What sets Signal Hill Restaurant apart is their unwavering dedication to utilizing locally sourced, fresh ingredients in every dish they serve.

Signal Hill Eco Farm is a remarkable establishment that seamlessly combines a family-run farm with a restaurant. Driven by the owner’s personal commitment, this unique endeavour began on his mother-in-law’s land, aiming to provide cancer patients with wholesome, organically grown vegetables. Today, it stands as a renowned farm-to-table destination, catering to individuals seeking fresh and nourishing meals.

At Signal Hill Eco Farm, you’re invited to take a stroll through their flourishing vegetable farm, witness their livestock, and observe the thriving fish farm. From pumpkins, cucumbers, snake beans, and eggplants to ginseng leaves, bitter gourd, lettuce, and spinach – they cultivate a delightful array of vegetables. However, it’s their renowned kale production that steals the spotlight, inspiring many items on the menu. Each meal prepared is guaranteed to be freshly harvested from their own farm, promising you a truly healthy and invigorating culinary journey.

2. Alu-Alu Kitchen, Kota Kinabalu

The dishes of Alu-Alu Kitchen, which include seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, are a delicious ode to nature’s bounty. The skilled chefs at Alu-Alu have carefully sourced and grown their ingredients to create a menu that fuses Chinese and Malaysian flavours. Every bite is a gastronomic adventure, from the creative seafood dishes to the vibrant veggie concoctions.

Try some of Alu-Alu’s popular dishes including the Wa Tan Ho and the Fish Head Curry. The chefs at Alu-Alu are always coming up with fresh and fascinating dishes that make the most of their own organic ingredients. No matter what kind of food you’re craving, you can be assured that Alu-Alu Kitchen serves only natural, chemical-free ingredients.

Photo by Brenna Tay