Sabah Advisory

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Dream Now, Travel Later!

It is the beginning of a brand new year. Which also reminds us to get an early start on fulfilling our travel aspirations for the year.
We will be at these travel shows to help you out if you need some guidance:
1. Vakantiebeurss, Netherlands from 11 – 14 January
2. Fitur, Spain from 24 – 28 January
3. DRT Shanghai from 22 – 24 March
4. MATTA Fair Kuala Lumpur from 22 – 24 March
There is so much to explore in Sabah from coast to coast and we encourage you to Feel Sabah through our idyllic beaches and Islands, our warm hospitality and unique culture, our nature and adventure and appreciate our wildlife and the underwater. Immerse yourself among Community Based Tourism offerings as we aim to travel responsibly and sustainably.
We hope you journey with us as we continue to showcase our amazing Sabah that offers you the best from mountain high to ocean deep. So do follow us on our social media and website for updates and inspirations.

It is usually hot here with sporadic rainfall. We would like to remind you to always keep hydrated and wear lighter clothing while still remembering to keep modesty especially when visiting places of worship to capture iconic photo memories.

Up and coming events for January to March:
• Lampoopalooza, 2nd February
• Sabah State Chinese New Year Open House, 10th February
• Pesta Duang, 25th – 28th February

We advise all visitors to engage services from licensed agents. The list of agents and accommodation providers can be referred to from MOTAC or MATTA.
We look forward to welcome you to Sabah, North Borneo.

JULINUS JEFFERY JIMIT Chief Executive [email protected]